"I had the privilege to tour Poznan with Tomasz and it was fabulous! He is a knowledgable expert and with a quick sense of humor. That's a unique combination! Because of that we had a lot of laughs and broad smiles on our faces. We didn't know that history can be so much fun. Poznan is stunningly beautiful and it was wonderful to see this city through Tomasz's eyes. Therefore I would highly recommend him for Poznan academic tours!" - Dr Sarah A. Cramsey, Tulane University

Sarah was part of Univeristy group in 2016. We had great time together and it was our fist academic tour in Poznan!
Now after we have done a few Poznan academic tours we still feel amazing when we can show our city to students from all over the world.

Dr. Sarah A. Cramsey, Tulane University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies