Hi! I'm Tomasz Laskowski -founder of PoznanTours.com

In most cases you will meet me as Your Guide in Poznan and also in Poland. I love many things. Maybe most noteworthy will be the history because I like to observe how it interacts with present day and influence people's everyday life.

That's why I value intelligent people. Those who are happy to say what they think and also eager to get to know other cultures, countries. Traveling is great but only if you can make the most of it. Good people can!

Are you one of them? I believe you are! You decided to make a step forward and leave the harbour. You're traveling in Central Europe or at least you're thinking about coming to Poland. Good job! So are we seeing each other in Poland?

Recently I'm all about Ancestry & Historical Tours - looking for the roots, digging in the archives and also in the real live. Yes, real life as there is nothing more valuable than contact with another person!

Am I a stereotypical Pole which prays in the church every Sunday and hunts for polar bears in his free time? Find out yourself!

Tomasz is also responsible for PoznanTours accounts on Twitter, Facebook and TripAdvisor.

Monthy Python's sense of humour.