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POLAND TOURS: in & around Poland!

Did you know:

  • Poland is 9th largest country in EU?
  • Our interesting history began in 966 A.D

Today Poland offers you:
- amazing stories due to its rich history,
- many picturesque cities and charming places,
- fun, positive emotions and friendly people,
- delicious food, drinks and traditions,
- much, much more...

In one sentence: Poland has a lot to offer!

Poland Tours for Culinary lovers: Poland lies in the middle of Europe where East meets the West. We developed (or probably borrowed) many amazing dishes. Tasty bread (probably the best in Europe) and some alcoholic drinks are class of its own.

Poland Tours for History buff's: Here in Poland IIWW began and polish soil keeps many secrets regarding that dark time of European history. Did you know that Poles changed on few occasions course of this conflict?

Poland Tours for Society lovers: Poland changed its borders in 1945 and moved west. People from the East were moved to the new grounds. Is it visible today?  How church is influencing the ruling politicians, everyday life and how they are deceiving the society? Is it easy to be atheist, LGBT person or even a cyclist in modern Poland?

Poland Tours because of Architecture: See the examples of magnificent castles and mansions and charming old-squares of medieval cities. Find the traces of the old fortifications. Look for Golden Train in Lower Silesia or trace Nazi Rise project. So many things still can be found in so many corners of Poland.

Poland Tours because of Business: Now Poland it is a fast developing country which is changing on our eyes. New roads, fast train connections and skyscrapers are changing only only the cities but also a society. Poland is becoming a country of new business opportunities!

Poland Tours; Trips to Poland

Poland in Europe. It's easy to reach Poland

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