Poznan Poland – great place to be

Poznan Poland - great place to be


Poznan Poland

Find your way in Poznan with a private Guide

Everyone will find something interesting in Poznan. 

It's a very old and vibrant city. Today Poznan is 5th largest city in Poland.

Moreover it offers you lot of things to-do: from great history, trough picturesque and many must-see places to various great and fun activities. Like private tour with Poznan Tours :).

Add to this great food and amazing local beers. All that you can find in Poznan Poland!

How many times you will be here?

Feel free to see Poznan city with a good private guide. Use your time here to the fullest extent and see the city in a proper way. Even luxurious way! All that in very affordable price. And we make sure sure that Poznan Poland will be a very good sign in your travel book.

Poznan Poland: Welcome in the city that sleeps 😉 but when its awake - its always engaging. Everyone will find something good for itself. With guided tour you will discover Poznan even better!

Allow yourself the affordable luxury of professional guides showing you and discovering for you hidden beauty of Poland and its hidden gem - Poznan. What we do? Click here!

Let's spend this time together discovering and exploring city where Poland (and many businesses) has started and you will understand more! All your questions explained. We do like to commute fast around Poznan - so our tours consists from a walking section and of course we'll use public transport to see more.

Have you ever dreamed about various Chats about Poland and European history and Polish customs over a beer or a coffee? Yes, possible as we do that! Simply Contact us...

Guided Tour in Poznan Poland - it's worth your time!

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