Poznan Must See Places

Poznan Must See Places

Tour which will allow you to see all Poznan must see places. Discover full beauty of Poznan.

Our aim is to offer you great time PLUS uncover bits of Poland’s rich heritage.

History of Poland has 1050 yrs* and it is filled with many stories - both bright and dark sides.
On Poznan Must See Places you will learn about:

  1. The newest history of Poland, which will help you to understand many things
  2. Current division of polish society - fact or myth?
  3. How the church affects of daily life of the city, its culture and even the appearance of monuments?
  4. Why it’s worth to enter the Imperial Castle and why Matrix-looking monument stands in front of it?
  5. How Poles contributed to the creation of first computers in the world?
  6. Where you can eat a descent lunch, drink good local beers or even taste proper St. Martin’s Croissant?

And many many more legends, anecdotes to give you better understanding of Poznan and Poland.

Poznan Must See Places. How we are doing this?

We will pick you up from your hotel and visit 1-st Cathedral in Poland together with the Island around it. Why this place is important?

Old Square is a truly heart of a city from a moment of its foundation. At 12 o'clock 2 goats are fighting on Town Hall tower! Here we are going to uncover many stories connected with the Square and/or just sit in one the bars to taste a local beer or get warm with coffee.

One of Poznan must see places stops is the Imperial District which is filled with great stories and interesting buildings and monuments. After a visit with a guide you will get different perspective on this area!

Remember your visit - make it worthwhile and book this tour!

Poznan Must See Places price ▼

Price for group: 1-4 pax 5-9 pax 8+ pax
5 hours Tour 95 EUR 105 EUR Contact

Price includes ▼

    • Fluent English speaking and fun guide
    • Answers to all your questions
    • Stories about Poznan and Polish cuisine, culture, history and daily life
    • Illumination of the Golden Chapel in Cathedral
    • Hints about the best places to eat in Poznan
    • Knowledge that will enable you to navigate like a local
    • IIWW history
    • Optional Transfer with a car (paid extra)
    • Tram ride

*History of Poland starts in 966 A.D and it is VERY attractive and interesting.

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