At PoznanTours We know what we are doing! Knowledge is our base.

Knowledge combined with good storytelling will allow you to see more while you travel around Poland!

Why it is important? Because with a good guide you see more! You discover more thanks to our guides and their knowledge.

Due to that in Poznan Tours we value good preparations to each tour. Therefore we know a lot about visited places: both their past and present day.
Finally it's great to have person (private guide from PoznanTours for example) next to you who can tell you interesting things.
Like: which food is good? Which one is better and local(!) and which one is made for tacky tourist?

Same rule applies almost to everything: souvenirs, hotels and restaurants.

When you are traveling trough Poland you might see and therefore surprised by few things. Like:
- loads of St. Mary shrines all over the place? We are here happy to tell you more and great funny story behind it!
- Did Poles changed the course of the World? Yes, we did. Probably you will be amazed after learning how much we did! Knowledge is backed with facts.
- Pierogi (dumplings) are so often regarded as a polish dish. Are they really from Poland? Come, taste and find it out!

Come to Poland! You should see our colourful country, great nature and developing cities.

Full of historical beauty. Come to learn about our history and habits and so famous Polish hospitality. For us it's great to get first-hand knowledge about place we visit. How it works for you?

When we prepare your tour and also during our free time we love to learn more about country where we live. Speaking with older generations gives us amazing first-hand experience and picture how Poland looked like shortly after IIWW or during communist times. It is so amazing knowledge and we're more than happy to share it.

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Anyone who lives, sees much. Anyone who travels, sees more. - Arabic Proverb

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