From Berlin to Poznan, Poland

Day trip from Berlin to Poland

Are you looking for 1-day Berlin Getaway?

Come to Poznan! It's just 3h away and offers you chance to make a tour to Poland and see very vibrant Poznan city.

Berlin Getaway Poznan Poland

View on Poznan!

Poznan City has so many things to do and see! And if you're tired of urban exploration still there are plenty of good restaurants where you taste amazing Polish cuisine. Come for a real Poland tour in a nutshell!

Day trip to Poznan Poland gives you great chance to get to know Poland from its best perspective.

In Poznan business meets the history. It's one of the most developed cities in Poland, where many companies decided to invest. There are many reasons to do so. Over 20 Universities in Poznan (both public and private) educates around 120K students. Vibrant nightlife adds a bit of flavour to Poznan.

Berlin Getaway; Guide Poznan

Poznan offers so much fun!

While sightseeing we will show you many local pubs where you can find local food and beers.
We will give hints and simply directly take you to the most fun giving attraction in Poznan city and in the area.

You will start your journey in Poland where Poland was born! In Poznan city.

Over the years Poznan developed rapidly and become rich city. When Poland feel and Prussians took over the city in 1793 they rebuild it and changed it to resemble small Berlin. Yes, Berlin in the heart of Poland!

Thanks to such twisted and rich history you will find in Poznan many interesting sights - 1st Cathedral in Poland, XIII th. century Old Square or probably the most beautiful baroque church in Poland - just to mention the basic ones.

When you're in Berlin - come to see Poland! Just jump to the train and within 3 hours you're in Poznan. It's prefect Berlin Getaway.

Berlin Getaway; Contact Poznan Tours

Probably the best company for a guided tour in Poznan Poland

Contact us for Berlin Getaway!

We will pick you up from the train station and take you for a guided tour around the most beautiful places (both must-see and off the beaten path). With PoznanTours and personal tour carefully designed to meet your needs - you will use your time in Poland to the fullest extent! Finally you will have fun while sightseeing.

Forget about all worries - come to Poznan and trust to our experience and opinions of other travelers (see: TripAdvisor - Poznan Tours)

See you in Poznan!

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