Poznan City – perfect start in Poland

Poznan聽City - where is it? What's that?

Yes, we're hearing it many times. Sad, but true. So is it a city worth your visit?

Saying it short: YES, Poznan is worth your time for many reasons!

Poznan city

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Here 1050 years ago Poland has started. Now Poznan city shows you Poland in a thumbnail: with a lots of students, some modern buildings. Finally Disney-looking Old Town is filled with local people. Due to that Poznan city is not just another tourist trap, where you can see and hear only other tourists.

Poznan was too busy chasing Europe in terms of economic success, raising foreign investments, hard work for the prosperity that ... it forgot about the proper promotion of the city.
Now we're opening for the visitors, like XIXth century China! 馃槈

Still we have many places to show you, like the Cathedral Island, which is perfect place for everyone who's looking for a great place still not crowded.

Poznan city

Poznan after dark is great for all romantic souls!

Poznan - rising star and hidden gem of Poland!

Still not sure how to plan your trip and discover the true story of Poznan? Simply click here聽Fun & interesting tours in Pozna艅. We're happy to help you plan your perfect weekend聽or聽day in Poznan, Poland!

Poznan city has something for all type of travellers. Rich history for history buff's. Great and local food for foodie people. Fun places for party goers and romantic corners for romantic souls.


We believe that Poznan city has it all what you need when you want from a聽perfect city break!

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