Poznan Cathedral

One of the reasons to stop in Poznan and discover it might be:

Poznan Cathedral

Is Poznan Cathedral really a place worth your visit?
Poznan Cathedral

First of all let's look from historical perspective.
Poznan Cathedral and an Island where it stands are taking you straight to the very beginnings of Polish State.
Polish history starts in April 966 A.D. when our first ruler Mieszko I adopts christianity.
Together with his wife - the Czech princess Dobrawa- literate priests are coming to Poland.

Yes we adopted Christianity from Czech! How funny is that when you look and compare people today - at least their believes- both in Poland and in Czech Republic?

Poznan Cathedral

Poznan Cathedral at night makes great impression

On the maps of Europe Poznan appears for the first time in tenth century AD as the seat of the diocese and therefore earliest history of Poland is also associated with the city.

Is it the oldest Cathedral in Poland? Yes, we like to say it is and we might support this thesis.
Of course the cathedral in Gniezno, which is 50km away, soon became more influential. Furthermore Gniezno also became a crowing-place for Polish first kings.
But it is Poznan where you can find their graves.
Or at least you could as almost nothing left after devastation of the church made by fires and collapse of one the Cathedral towers in XVII century or devastation made during IIWW in 1945.

Poznan Cathedral has always been a vital symbol of Poznan.

Until eighteen century all traveler reports are stating that Poznan "is a beautiful town" and it is a cathedral city. We have lost such status when Poznan became part of Prussia in 1793.

Recently Poznan Cathedral is maybe a bit forgotten.
Poznan is mainly seen trough its Old Square and International Trade Fairs.

Poznan Cathedral still makes an amazing impression.

Especially after the dark when it is beautifully illuminated.

Inside the church we can find many interesting things and therefore a small trip to Poznan Cathedral can be fun for people in all ages. Of course it is worth to see it in larger picture and not only Cathedral bare walls. 😉

Take a tour with us and get to know Poznan!

Poznan Cathedral

Cathedral Island in Poznan

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