Poznan attractions – why it is worth to do Poznan Tour

List of Poznan Attractions. Let's start with Leisure!

Before you will ever consider Poznan as a travel destination then you might type Poznan attractions in Google.
Is it worth to see Poznan? Yes,Poznan is a place where Poland was born!
But wait. Is it just another text which tells us more but it is readable only by history buffs? No!

Poznan Attractions

One of the streets in Poznan, Poland

We can give here an extensive list of places to visit purely from historical reasons. Are we are doing it HERE.
But this article focuses purely on leisure in Poznan.

Leisure Poznan attractions:

- great caffee places around the Old Square and also everywhere else
- amazing restaurants serving great local food
- small cinemas ideal for a private film show to you & your friends
- loads of green spaces where it's great to walk or go around on a bicycle
- original XIXth century forts suitable for fun: go & play LaserTag game. Great fun!
- shopping malls with some interesting shops: where you can completely change your wardrobe and even look
- go for run (or compete in Marathon/ Triathlon) or just chill at Malta Lake

Poznan Attractions

Malta Lake in Poznan

For many Poznan attractions can be divided in 2 main ways - historical or leisure.

But the best way is to combine BOTH ways! A perfectly blended tour is a mix of experiences and storytelling. And It is be appealing to most of us - travelers.

When you wish to get to know Poland and its people better then come and book a tour!
We do private tours and we are focusing on you - your questions, interests and your curiosity. There are no stupid questions, no tabu subjects but proper extensive explanations everywhere where it's needed or just adds better outlook on things.

Poznan attractions happy people

More about our offer and how we work - Value your time - Poznantours.com .

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