Poland Map: Where is Poland?

Where is Poland? How can I place it on the map?

How many times have you heard or asked such question? Poland is seen sometimes as a land of mystery. Probably it lies behind 7 mountains and 7 seas. Is it somewhere in Europe? Don't know, but for sure it's a cold place where polar bears are running free on the city streets. Finally Poles are unfriendly and vodka is the king and tea is… something new!

Sounds crazy? Yes, it does! Pity, but sometimes Poland is perceived like this.

Poland map

Poland lies in Central Europe


To give you quick geo info. Poland lies in Central Europe and it’s 9th largest country on the continent.Yes, we're quite big!

What's more? If you want to impose the geographical center of Europe then... well you'll find yourself in Poland. 🙂

Therefore It shouldn't be surprising that one of the books of eminent historian Norman Davis is about Poland and is entitled Heart of Europe.


Be brave and come to Poland! Come here If you want to see all colours of Poland, meet friendly people, taste our vodka and beers and fabulous polish cuisine. Only by coming here you will fell the spirit of Poland. And finally you can see and personally experience all that beautiful sights you've seen before, but only in the Internet.

Our cities are developing very fast. Poland is constantly changing but still we look a lot in the past. We value our history and heritage.

When you finally find yourself in Poland you might discover that it's not no strange country as it previously seemed. When you start wandering trough the streets of medieval and modern cities, bustling with life and energy, you will be surprised by many things.  Those can be sometimes odd, sometimes intriguing and fun.

Still at the end of the day you will feel simply great.

And the best city to start with is... Poznan! At least for us! Why? Just click here to learn more!

Poznan Tours

Poznan is one of must-see places in Poland.


Just type PoznanTours.com in your browser and we’ll help you design your perfect trip and also we will protect you from any kinds of danger - bad: bears, bars and beers.

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