Finding Dad’s grave

When you help people discover their roots in Poland sometimes you can get rather unusual case like finding Dad's grave. We had such task last year. We were looking for a Fritz's grave. Father of our customer and a Wermacht soldier who died in Poland, near Poznan, in the last months of IIWorld War.

The family took their Dad - Mr. Rainer, so that he could pray at the place of his father's death, which happened 74 years ago. They contacted us, sent documents confirming the place of death of their grandfather and we finally meet in Poznań.

In addition we have planned a few more days for them. Private tour: sightseeing and attractions to meet the expectations of 3 generations: Grandparents (main characters), parents (organisers) and wonderful Trish (the youngest participant of our tour).

So an interesting route came out for a private trip in December in Poland: Poznań - Gniezno ​​- Warsaw. But let's be honest, the purpose of the trip was one, while the rest was an addition.

Finding Dad's grave

The goal was clear and we met the expectations! Thanks to the initial research and conversations with the inhabitants of Debina, small village close to Poznan, we found the exact place where Rainer's father had fallen (or rather shot). Emotions spread to everyone ...

How to describe this "grave"? Well, we stood at an ordinary (at first glance) place in the field, by the ruins of an old barn. A place almost forgotten. Fortunately, there are still people in Debina who remember the extraordinary history of this place. It was amazing experience for local folks as well. Just imagine: a family from distant South Africa visited their village and added a new, human dimension to theirs history.

Happy ending of our ancestry tour

Finding Dad's grave
Nearly 80 years after the war Dębina Palace is a popular place for wedding receptions.

The next day after visiting Debina we stopped in Gniezno at a workshop of painting Christmas decorations in Gniezno. Trish was happy, her parents too! If You are in Poznan with children in December - maybe this is an attraction for you? 😉

On our way to Warsaw, we were still talking about our discovery. Everyone was happy, and most of all Mr. Rainer, which is obvious.

Although a year has passed since these events, and I worked on many other projects myself, still the memory of this trip is close to my heart. It was an amazing tour for both sides. For us it was pure pleasure to help organise this trip. 

A lot of health, Mr. Rainer!

If you have any IIWW stories in your family which were happening of Polish territory just contact us. We are more than happy to help you visit places connected with your family history. 

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