Bigger Car for longer Tours!

Poznan Tours wish to provide high standard services. Therefore we make longer Tours always with bigger cars - at least as big as Skoda Octavia or even bigger cars (if available).

For sure we won't be going with a city car to Auschwitz! We need bigger car as We value your comfort. Longer tours demand better and comfortable and simply bigger car.

You can count always for a clean car and a 0,5 l bottle of water waiting for you inside. Finally there will be English speaking driver and also a good guide who will give you info about places you pass on the way. He will give you - on the way  - small Introduction to a Polish history. Brief or extensive?  As you wish.

For groups 1-3 people there will be a comfortable sportback/variant car.
For groups 4 and more we will come with a proper bus.