Ancestry Tours

Ancestry Tours Poland! Personalised to your needs.

Discovering the history of ancestors is an amazing task! You are searching for the traces. As a result you're finding new documents and also finding new people - then your heart is bouncing a bit faster. Are you ready to make your Ancestry Tour in Poland?

We love to see emotions of the faces of the people who are making an effort to come to Europe and Poland and want to trace their ancestors.

Because of many reasons this a special tour for you. We know that and therefore make sure that Ancestry Tours are made on the highest level. We love to make Ancestry Tours most meaningful as they possibly can be!

It is also a great way, probably the best way, to show you historical and current picture of Poland. Yes, your relatives maybe emigrated to other countries, but still today Poland is an amazing country!

In addition during this Tour You will learn about Polish customs, traditions and cuisine. Because the is no better way to understand your heritage and truly see your family roots!

. We will create a personalised Ancestry Tour in Poland! Special for you

We wish to give you chance to see where your ancestors lived. Even if it's a small village! We will take you there and also give you time and chance to see and feel that place.

We're also looking for the documents related to your family. In various places because we want to confirm the dates of birth, marriage or even death - especially relevant to your Ancestors.

Come with us - whenever your roots are - we will do everything to find your relatives/ ancestors/ roots in Poland - dead or alive* 😉

* You can laugh but we already managed to find relatives still living in Poland, while people in US (and vice versa) didn't have a clue about their existence.

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