Entertaining and high quality tours with private guiding and hassle free service!

That is what PoznanTours offers You in a world full of cheap things. Quality becomes a luxury! Affordable luxury.

We do travel as well. We wish to spend meaningful time in every corner of the world that we visit. How about you?
In most cases it's possible. Pity, but sometimes you're meeting low standards of service. Probably that can spoil your whole outlook of the given place and even the whole trip.
Sad! It also happened to us few times. As a result we created our company.
Our aim is to give the best quality tours in Poland & Poznan and therefore make it meningful for you!

Why we are doing it?
First of all we care about our company! Therefore your time and quality of your experiences becomes really important for us! Yes, it is as simple as it sounds.

In a competitive market where many companies are looking only for one-time client we are looking for a bigger value. We wish to stay in touch as much as it's possible with people who we met during our tours. We also wish to gather their opinions, know what they love when traveling and therefore improve our services. Make quality tours for them!
Call us weird but by rising our level of service we are consequently getting more and more fun!
And also more work. 🙂

When you are looking for a recommendation we recommend only places which we personally checked before: restaurants, attractions and hotels.

Poland is a very safe country. Maybe, just maybe Poland is giving you much higher safety standards - as we speak for 2016 - than other countries in the world! As a result in such case when everyone is looking for Poland Tours quality counts. Far more than anything else.

We strongly believe that by quality services you may help to create the best memories from Poland!

Quality Tours with PoznanTours. 

Contact Us and book your Tour today!

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