Poznan attractions history goes first

List of Poznan Attractions History

See Poznan and Poland in deeper perspective!

How many time have you thought about coming to Poland? Few times? Wow, that is great! If you are a history buff there is no better place to start your Poland tour than Poznan. Why I know? Because I am history buff myself and I like that! 馃檪

Poznan attractions history

Cathedral Island in Poznan

Are there any Poznan attractions history based? Is it worth to see Poznan at all? Yes, Poznan is a place to be! Starting your Poland Tour in Poznan you are going from the very beginning, stepping on the ground which was dear to all our ancestors.
Hearing all the legends, myths and of course history of Poland can be fun. And it is fun!

Poznan Attractions History

Old Square in Poznan

To make it easier for you we have prepared our shortlist of

Top Poznan Attractions History

Poznan attractions worth visiting because to its historical value.
1. Cathedral Island with the oldest Cathedral in Poland
2. Old Square in Poznan with its beautiful buildings - rebuild after IIWW
3. Marcinkowskiego Street - made to resemble most famous street in Berlin Unter den Linden
4. Polski Theater as good example of Polish-German relations in XIX and XX century
5. Imperial District with Wilhelm's II great Castle and many interesting buildings
6. 2 Crosses Monument and Square
7. Military buildings: Fort nr VII and the Citadel

Poznan attractions history

Poznan's Castle and Enigma monument - learn true story!

Modern day tours should be perfectly blended to show you good connection between a history and a real everyday life.
At PoznanTours we do it. Buildings and all historical sites are platform for a great storytelling - both about history and present-day Poland.

Book a tour and let's see each other in Poznan!

Hey, what about leisure in Poznan? I'm traveling with my wife, you know - you may ask.
Sure, you can find few inspirations HERE.

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