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Poznan is colourful and vibrant city. As a cradle of Poland Poznan offers you rich history and many must-see places! Allow yourself a great time and discover the real beauty of Poznan and our region with Poznan Tours.
City Tours & trips outside the city!


Trips from Berlin to Poland. Perfect opportunity to see Poland! Day-trip to Poznan? Or 2-day Tour to Auschwitz & Krakow? Discover colors of Poland & taste Polish food & drinks! Must-see places,amazing stories and great memories.
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PoznanTours for companies who are hosting their VIP guests in Poznan or in Poland. We provide entertaining tours in Poznan and day trips in Poland for company guests and/or their family or significant ones. We also help with preparing a company meetings in Poznan!


Follow the footsteps of your ancestors. Discover the places where they lived! We're going even to the most remote ancestors villages. Due to that We're happy to help you with digging in the archives, find the genealogy documents etc. One aim: Make it a memorable trip for you!


Poland is very colourful and has many treasures to be discovered. Go for a fascinating journey thought Poland! Make it private or gather a small group. All tours are designed for you. What to see and do in Poland? Contact us for Tour planning, great guiding and hassle free service.


We love what we do and it gives us so much fun! Therefore people are having really good time traveling with us. Regardless is it Ancestry or Poznan Tour or a Day Trip: we're giving highest quality, personal approach and careful tour planning.
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Poznan Tours are created by enthusiasts who love to travel and discover new places. We are specialists in history, culture, genealogy and traditions. At Poznan Tours we understand your needs.

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Poznan for Private Tours. Whole Poland for Ancestry Tours. We are happy to help you with your genealogy research.

Looking for day trip from Berlin? Come to Poznan Poland!

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